Age Of Empires

The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York is currently running an exhibition called ‘Age Of Empires: Chinese Art of the Qin and Han Dynasties’. The exhibit features a 2,000-year old burial suit made of jade, just like the one in my book ‘A Devil in Hong Kong’. A New York Times article on the exhibit describes the Chinese emperors’ attitude about death as ‘a power nap from which he would awaken refreshed in a tomb that was like an earthy home, but better, more fun’.

In ‘A Devil in Hong Kong’ the history of the burial suit of the Han Emperor Wu Di is tracked from its manufacture, its theft from Wu Di’s tomb by grave robbers, its passing from one hand to another through a variety of Asian countries over the centuries, it’s disappearance from a Hong Kong auction, and then the search throughout contemporary Asia, leaving a trail of bodies behind.

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